Keeping Teachers, Parents & Schools Connected

Increase funding through sponsorship, boost engagement with mobile technology and connect your school with real-time updates!


✓  Free push messaging to all stakeholders and target audiences
✓  Notify parents of weather alerts or any other unexpected emergencies
✓  Ability to target messages for various groups within your school community
✓  Up-to-date information on events, athletic news and club activities
✓  Eases administrative tasks by setting automatic reminders of deadlines
✓  Provides a simple means of surveying the school community
✓  Promotes a green environment with less paper correspondence
✓  Increased community participation and involvement at every level

Increase Funding Through Sponsorship

Fundraising is a vital job which drives your school’s activities!

As a PTA/PTO President, your primary goal is meeting your school’s needs- that means getting sponsors and local businesses to support your school financially as well as volunteering time and services! This is also great way to pay for your School Mobile App, while earning money for your school.


How It Works:
Sponsors can donate money to have their business listed in the service directory. This is a great low cost, local targeting advertisement for their business, as well as a nice donation for your school!


Example: Sponsor pays $10/month to be listed on the School Sponsor list.
$10 for 10 months = $100 (and that’s just 1 sponsor)! You can add the business name, address & phone to the directory to thank them for their support. Then their business is readily available to all app users!


Take a Test Drive

The best and most affordable solution is only a click away! Download our free PTA Mobile App to your
iOS or Android device:



Increase Engagement Through Mobile Technology

Communication needs are as close as your phone. School Mobile Apps allows you to utilize the included push messaging to instantly send out alerts 24/7 to parents and volunteers!


You can remind specified groups (or everyone) of activities or events to increase participation and attendance. You may need to request volunteers to assist during an event, send cancelation alerts due to weather or some other unexpected emergency- whatever the message is, you can instantly get it across to everyone who has your School Mobile App!


Let School Mobile Apps custom design your School’s PTA/PTO mobile app!

  • Simple registration process
  • Economical and cost-effective pricing
  • A valuable addition to your school’s communications